Friday, January 10, 2014

White on White: Sweden to Chicago

Back home from Dalarna, Sweden where in 2 weeks+, it was unseasonably gray and rainy. So much for my intentions to get exercise via cross-country skis...1st World problems, but the temperature bizarreness is everyone's problem.
The only white we saw there was on the exposed forest floor, this white moss I believe is called Lichen rangiferinus. If you know better: please correct!

Flying home, we began to see snow over Norway. I took this somewhere between Greenland and Canada.

We arrived home just in time for another foot of snow and below zero temps created by the Polar Vortex that brought same to all 50 states. I was grateful to a client who sent this photo below of her newly installed garden at night! The white house adds another exciting seasonal dimension to white on white. I was delighted to see it. As well, I will use this image in my class Feb. 1st that I am teaching on 4-Season Interest in Composition and Design during the annual Wicker Park Garden Club Landscape Design Course. It starts tomorrow (1/11/14), but perhaps you can still register here for the best deal in town!

This weekend, I will be participating at our 3rd Annual SSG Board Retreat.


Ms. Wis./Each Little World said...

Love that white on white landscape. We're worried that our snow is going to melt this weekend and then cold temps due to return. For that matter, we haven't had nearly the snow depth I would prefer for such frigid temps.

Julie Siegel said...

Thanks! Yes, ice and big puddles here. I think a good result of the cold maybe some killing off of exotic pests