Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Landscape of Hospice

My stepdad died in his home early Saturday with this view from the hospital bed. Actually, he faced a birch swaying in the hot breeze out the front window. I like to imagine he could hear the tree, although it's unlikely.  You never know if you might need this information, but Horizon Hospice was exceptional. My have things improved since my dad died at home in 1978 a year before Horizon was around...

Monday, September 9, 2013

Chicago Botanic Garden: Sept. Views

Rare for me to see a public garden during growing season, so I was thrilled when the opportunity for an hour visit arose last week. Where else does one head in Sept., but to the Fruit and Veggie Island? Passed the Prairie Garden en route. The big plant in front, a Silphium, will out-compete everything around it if not vigilantly maintained...

The apple branches were heavily laden. This is not it, but there was one fragrant tree. I thought it was "MacCort," but can't find that type on-line.

I liked these sculptural sentinels near the bee hives. See how they read better against the "open" space than against the evergreen hedge.

Here I tried to show the lovely light through the Smokebush. That didn't translate so well, but I like the photo for other reasons...And, below, I felt amused by the shadows on these benches.