Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving Horizons...

We had dense fog this morning so I did something rare and took my iPhone camera along while I walked. Interesting how the horizon being made invisible made the views more horizontal. Above you can see the boats gone and the snow fences in the process of being rolled out down at the beach. Below are the remaining leaves that have fallen from the trees along a lakefront park.
The moody landscape affected me and I couldn't help but reflect on how odd it will be tomorrow when we celebrate Thanksgiving at around 60 degrees...I hope Climate Change does not bring us such a trying weather year as this past one. I hope Climate Change becomes something in the coming year that Movers and Shakers take on as the Global Environmental Crisis it is.
As always, when I partake of Thanksgiving, I am so grateful for all the things we have here, those that most Americans don't even know are astonishing (except maybe if they were intimately effected by Hurricane Sandy or travel to developing countries), like functional infrastructure: water, heat, electricity, roads, public transportation, hospitals, schools, grocery stores and citizenship.
Wherever you are, whomever you're with, whatever you do and whatever you eat: I hope your holiday is joyful and inspires gratitude!  

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Tis The Season!

The up side of Climate Change is that we had some beautiful weather yesterday while installing these client containers. What I thought was interesting was that we used the same materials for two completely different clients with differing tastes and home settings.

In the two shots of the entering and exiting views of this pot, you can see how we have made it elegant for the exterior, but fun for the client view from her door. Two of these frame the entry to a lovely Victorian row house in the city. Since it was our last installation for the season, we shared a celebratory drink with the client and reflected that we had been working together 14 years! I am really incredibly blessed with clients and work that gives me joy...

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Vegas: Real & Fake Plants

Here is the nature I was imaging in my previous post...thank you for all your emails, especially far-flung Shay! Above was my one-minute of sunshine in the parking lot at the Red Rock Canyon visitor's center. This is in the direction of Vegas which is about a 45 minute drive. Lamentably, my plane was delayed so I only had the opportunity during my 22-hr trip for a half-hour hike. But, as always, being in this incredibly spiritual spot recharged me.
This time, I realized the trail I hike here is about the same elevation as the village where we stay in Guatemala, at 5000 feet, the lowest of the dozen or so villages AFOPADI serves in the Cuchumatanes. I wished I lived in Vegas so I could train and up my stamina and red blood cells. I was also jealous of the moderate grade and well-groomed steady trails in Red Rock, so different from the climbing paths of loose dirt on deforested slopes in the mountains of Guatemala.
Just Below: Can you find the Juniper?
Just Below That: You can't miss the fantasy trees. Palm trees of this sort don't even grow in the Mojave desert where Vegas is located. I really enjoyed these faux trees though, holding up the airport vault.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Day After the Election...

A few weeks ago, I visited my parents in Indiana. Their cabin is in the midst of the most incredible nature, but since it was pre-Election, they were focused on the t.v. (no Internet access out there). But, on my way home, my mom sent me down a special road because the trees were at the height of their fall color. It was especially breathtaking since our extreme drought this past summer left me with low expectations.
And now, because my expectations on the Election were surpassed, and because, even though Climate Change was not mentioned during the campaign until Sandy, I believe the more realistic candidate for addressing its effects is still President, I can rest and enjoy nature for a day. Hope you can too.
Luckily, I know just the place to do that tomorrow....