Sunday, November 29, 2009

3rd Pix of Arthur Siegel Photos at the de Young

The RCA photo is to the right of the young woman's shoulder. Though I can't see this couple's eyes, their posture clues me into the intensity of their looking.

More Arthur Siegel Photos at de Young

This is one of the few museums I've visited where I believe the internal landscaping is as compelling as the architecture.

Also, I appreciated that the exhibition gallery was spacious enough to view the works individually or in groups. Or from across the room.

Arthur Siegel Photos at de Young

So I am back from an actual vacation and hope to catch up here with photos of museums and gardens and landscapes.

The reason for my visit was a show, "Towards Abstraction," that was conceived around a donation to the San Francisco museum of 15 of my dad's photos from the 1940s through 1960s. I loved the way the curator, James Ganz, "matched" images among the various photographers (there were also prints by Mapplethorpe, Callahan, Weston, Cunningham etc.) via form or weight or concept. I was pleased to discover that the specific photos were very good representatives of Arthur's work black & white early to mid-work.

No fashion slouch, I dressed for the occasion.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Red Spirit Retreats

Ground Totem

It's been about a week since I facilitated a weekend at the Red Spirit Retreats. The topic was on Landscapes: Inside & Out. We used Julie Moir Messervy's classic book: The Inward Garden as our jumping off point. Unlike the last workshop I led when the skies were perfectly crisp & clear, this weather was the opposite. While the cold damp gray atmospherics meant many cups of tea, there was no internal gloom: nature just gave us a different path of exploration. We entered into several diverse archetypes en route and, I would hope, saw the land through changed lens when we left for home.

With several last minute cancellations due to dog allergies, we were an intimate band. This resulted in group members really having an opportunity to explore the landscape exercises and to get to know each other.
As always, when I teach, I learn tremendously AND I have some wonderful new friends.Too, I am grateful to Karen Shanks for making these times possible.

One of the attendees is part of a CSA in MI: Fat Blossom Farm. Just the name brings a smile to my lips, let alone the veggies! If you wish to help support sustainable ecologically-sound practices when you eat: join up! They have drop-off points around Chicago area.

The soon-to-be-larger pond

Zeppy, Mastiff & Mascot