Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Happy Landscape After

The happy news is:

1.) During the mid-September 8" rain "event" the new path did its thing. The client told me that during the rain, the water was up about a half inch. Then as soon as the rain stopped, the path had NO standing water.

2.) Now a solar house is starting to have a companion garden in sustainability. Stay tuned.

Landscaping as Archeology: The Dig

Isn't it interesting being at the end of a process? You get to problem solve (usually on what's left of the budget after everybody before has gone over it) all the things others left incomplete or wrong.

Here are two "Show & Tells." The one above captures how we dealt with the discovery of an existing driveway about four inches underground, beneath the turf grass installed by the previous landscape professional. The one below shows what we found (old foundation wall) when installing a permeable path that replaced a concrete one in Chicago. At this point we were at least a half story below grade (the alley).

Next post will show the happy after after, so to speak.