Sunday, June 14, 2015

Absolutely Crazy Wonderful: Permaculture of the Soil and the Soul

Here is the sky and cemetery gate (photographed during my recent site-visit in Feb.) in the Pueblo leading to the road to the village where AFOPADI is located, the NGO that SSG supports in Guatemala. Read more about it in Michael Daniel Meyer's remarkable blog post. I can't get the link to work so just Google: "It's Absolutely Crazy Wonderful Blog." Choose the option with: "You can support yourself with love," and read the June 10, 2015 blog post.

Below is Margarita with the healthiest-looking dog, by far, I have ever seen in that region. Usually, all the dogs look alike and are full of sores and pests and starving. This dog belonged to an AFOPADI staff member from the Capitol.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Background Matters: Skies and Bloom

At my local "green" Walgreens...

...and: at a clients. These plants have been in two years.

Bunnies like tender Elderberry, so sometimes they prune it "naturally."