Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Cleaning Up In The Garden

 So much of satisfying garden work is the non-sexy parts. I actually managed my first clean-up in the garden (my neighbor Rick has been the savior and done the heavy-lifting) over the weekend. Better than yoga (not stepping on emerging plants while I reach to prune, pull, dig and toss) and a constructive way to get out aggression! Above are remnants from last summer's roofers; below a motley assortment ready for municipal pick-up (oh how I lament having no allowable space in my condo for compost) of English Ivy, Star of Bethlehem, Weigela and one of my sacrificed favorite tulips (turkestanica).

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Altoon Sultan said...

I work on cleanup and planting at the same time, though I have to admit that my cleanup has been getting more haphazard.

I wanted to thank you, Julie, for your email and the wonderful Guston image. For some reason, my mail server will not send you a return email; it just won't go through, no matter how many times I've tried.