Saturday, March 9, 2013

Reflective Art by Rita Stern Milch

While in LA, I bought this golden (in more ways than one) painting by Rita Stern Milch at rumba. I have known Rita and her art for many years; this move to abstraction was quite a switch from her many decades of representational portraits and landscapes. Of course, my better half says I am a sucker for blobs, quote/unquote!
But really, I find that this painting has enormous depth both intellectually and emotionally. Not to mention being beautiful. I unpacked it and put it on this table at home temporarily, but I like its location because it reflects reflected northern light. And with each shift of the light, the painting reveals different layers, different personalities. I didn't even notice the strips of paper collage until I got it home.
This is a piece of art I know I can live with for a long time...

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